How We Do It

Training Based on Feedback

With neurofeedback, we’re able to observe the brain in real-time. Yet, like any learning process, neurofeedback is a gradual progression. Any aspect of the brain that can be measured can be trained!

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Exercise Sessions for Your Brain

Exercise is excellent for your physical health, and it’s just as crucial for your mental health. In 20 neurofeedback sessions, we take the information we observe about your brain and feed it back to you, rewarding the brain for changing its own activity. You’ll get feedback every half second, meaning you have 72,000 chances to learn and re-train your mind muscles.

We Train the Brain in 4 Easy Steps!

Free Consultation

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Your journey starts with a free chat with us! We’ll review the challenges facing you or your child and determine if neurofeedback therapy is the right fit. We’ll devise a plan that will discover how our brain enhancement and training centers could best suit your needs by answering any questions you may have about Peak Brain Centers. We won’t take up much of your time—just 15 minutes!

Assess & Maps

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During your official assessment, we’ll ask you about your symptoms and how you feel your brain functions. We’ll ask about medical history, current medications, diet, exercise habits, and challenges you face daily. Next, we’ll conduct a full-cap Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG) to understand better what’s happening in your brain. This Brain Map gives us a measurement of the brainwaves from 19 different sites. We analyze things like connectivity, brain speed, and the optimal level to which your brain functions.

Testing & Training

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What’s happening in your brain trickles down into everything you feel and do. A stressed mind can cause you to feel anxious, tired, or worried. A hyperactive brain can lead you to wandering thoughts or inabilities to concentrate. Once we have your Brain Map, your Brain Team will work with you during each 45-minute session to draw the brain back to an optimal and efficient state.

Do you enjoy exercise? Great! Because that’s precisely what neurofeedback from Peak Brain Centers is! Don’t think of us as a mental health center—think of us as a gym for your brain! A quick 20- to 40-minute session is all you’ll need to break a mental sweat and unlock your brain’s full potential. With each session, the brain builds on that muscle memory and becomes stronger and smarter.


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After each block of 20 sessions, we’ll re-evaluate your Brain Map and make adjustments to ensure that your neurofeedback therapy is offering you the best results. Our mission at Peak Brain Centers is to help you train your brain and harness your abilities to deal with the challenges that life throws at you. Our training sessions give you all the tools and brainpower necessary to take on the marathon of life!

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