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Peak Brain Centers uses neurofeedback therapy and proper nutrition to give your brain a boost. Our drug-free approach to mental exercises and brain enhancement is perfect for those suffering from all sorts of symptoms caused by improper brain functions. Brain development and training with neurofeedback is backed by research and proven to work. Exercise for your mind is just as essential as exercise for your body. Think healthy mind, healthy life.

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Tim Harris – Owner; Erin Richards – Office Manager; Jennifer Seybold – V.P. of Business Development; Tina Spanger-Mettjes – Neurofeedback Mentor & Expert.

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The beauty of the brain is that it’s not hard-wired. You can untangle the web and create new, healthier connections just through simple exercise. At Peak Brain Centers, we help you train your brain through neurofeedback therapy, which results in a stronger, healthier brain.

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Peak Brain Owner Tim Harris

Tim Harris

Peak Brain Owners Dr. Kelly and Dr. Leighty

Dr. Leighty & Dr. Kelly


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